About Room Rental Singapore

We’re Room Rental Singapore, the fastest room rental site in Singapore.

We understand that when you live with the right people, you don't just share your space - you share your life.

They become more than your flatmates, more than the people ahead of you in the queue for the bathroom. They're your friends.

At Room Rental Singapore, we make every effort to find a good match between tenant and landlord so that we could help you find those people - the people who make sharing amazing.

How Room Rental Singapore works

Use us to fill a spare room or find one to live in.

Tell people what you're looking for

Create an ad and let potential tenants find you. Tell them that you've got a room to fill or you want to find one to live in. Talk about the kind of flatshare you're looking for. Are you looking to party every night, or just birthdays and Christmas?


See what we've got

Give us some basic information like location and budget, and we'll show you a list of rooms that match.


Contact potential flatmates directly

Once you see something you're interested in, then sign up so you can email or call them directly.

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